0280051863 / 02 8005 1863 / +61280051863 / +61 2 8005 1863 53

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A voicemail message at 1.50 on 14th December from this number, informed me "they" had received taxation ??complaints (my notes not clear here) and the reference was "Texas 47263" or some such number. "As there is a legal case .....**nt for execution" (and arrest!!) I should call 02 8005 1863, "DO NOT IGNORE", he finished off. I laughed outright the first time I heard it, and again when transcribing the message today! Why TEXAS in their reference - this is Australia, right? Why didn't they ask for me by name, instead of leaving a message that others could access? I think I have read somewhere that the ATO does not make calls like this.