0383250950 / 03 8325 0950 / +61383250950 / +61 3 8325 0950 42

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Have been contacted by this and associated numbers 2-3 times per day for the past week and have just contacted Telstra's Unwelcome Calls Team on 1800 805 996 in relation to the issue. Normally a "trace service" can be applied to these types of numbers which can lead to huge ramifications against the company involved, but this particular number is well known to Telstra as a non-existent scamming number - should you receive a call from this number, DO NOT CALL IT BACK since they could potentially charge you for the privilege. Unfortunately, all you can do is ignore or block this particular number since it is automated through the use of VOIP and there is nothing that Telstra or the government can do about it...

0494142871 0472779304 0730625512 0464800643 0463074159 0495574295
03 9397 8105

Number is not connected...

07 3465 1478

Call dismissed. Usually Dun and Bradsheet from a network company scamming people.

03 5321 2021

Scammer. Claimed to be calling from "Telstra Technical Support." Speaker hesitated to start talking initially. Could hear background chatter. Female speaker, Indian accent. Owner of this number ...

0434 700 266


0402 848 255

Haha all anonymous pigs spewing their lies and false accusations on a Gossip forum,congratulations slickly as I'll be taking legal action against you for defamation and if anyone reading this is ac...