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I was conned by this person in May 2017 and lost $325. She came up with the most colourful list of reasons why she was unable to send the pram and after the item was inexplicably ‘damaged’ she was unable to repay the money due to illness, eviction, amnesia, lack of income, unemployment and after what seemed like a perfect script for home & away, she simply used the old, ‘I don’t think you’ve given me the right account information’ malarkey. I will never trust gumtree again unless you can collect and pay for the item in person.

Interesting to read this person is a scammer - she is selling a pram in gumtree at the moment and the offer seemed too good to be true Thanks for the warning

This person is a thief and freudster. Beware!!

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03 9397 8105

Number is not connected...

07 3465 1478

Call dismissed. Usually Dun and Bradsheet from a network company scamming people.

03 5321 2021

Scammer. Claimed to be calling from "Telstra Technical Support." Speaker hesitated to start talking initially. Could hear background chatter. Female speaker, Indian accent. Owner of this number ...

0434 700 266


0402 848 255

Haha all anonymous pigs spewing their lies and false accusations on a Gossip forum,congratulations slickly as I'll be taking legal action against you for defamation and if anyone reading this is ac...