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This guy just called me regarding jag parts he claims to have. This is the 2nd time he has tried to scam me. I want to bring this guy down. My mobile number is 0431083541. If anyone has additional info on this guy please call me. I want to start a Facebook page and contact a current affair. Apparently he’s address is 3 Voltaire Ct, Hoppers Crossing Victoria but I want confirmation of this. Any details including drivers licence, photos, anything would be useful to start a process of bringing him down.

Daniel Falzon from Melbourne scammed my mum $600 on gumtree this year my mum is on a single income I am writing so people know that Daniel Falzon is a scam artist trolls gumtree looking for innocent people wanting to buy things for their children I am 13 years old and I see the my mums anger and sadness she can not recover from this loss CAN SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THIS GUY

Just been scammed $200 from this low life who answered a wanted parts add beware he’s a low life

This muppet has been hiding at 3 Voltaire crt hoppers crossing Victoria junkie father and junkie sister protect him from gumtree victims drives a blue Subaru sedan AKX 776 junkie sister drives Daihatsu Sirion 1MT 4BX it helps to have friends in the the Altona area

The little muppet tried to scam me 20 minutes ago. His story didn't make sense and when I pursed him more he told me if you dont like it, ill block you. I then googled for photos what what he sent me and low and behold the same photos where there. Daniel your intelligence levels are very low, you need to educate yourself on the art of deception or at least stick to the same story. Im pretty sure his mum and dad are cousins, and this is the reason that cousins shouldn't be allowed to have children.

Junkie family protect him they know he scams honest innocent hardworking Australians they do nothing about the gumtree scams they live at 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers crossing drive Subaru AKX 776

He s a low life that says to use PAYID and willing to help you set it up but wont send you anything Dont get scammed by this waste of space

WARNING SCAM ON GUMTREE Hi have a serial scammer “Daniel Falzon” (also known as James ) on gumtree that targets victims that place a wanted post on the site but never sends anything. I’m sure he is known to you already but please spread the word The scammers new number is 0431 864 518. Acorn Wont do crap so hopefully this @%!$# is dealt with ASAP

This number texted me after placing a wanted to buy ad on Gumtree. Claimed to have the item I was looking but sent a photo from the UK. Claimed to be in Darwin. Be warned.

Scammer for sure just dudded me from $600 by saying he had parts to sell off gumtree. Sent money, no parts now he will not refund. Beware.

He DOES live at 3 Voltaire Way Hoppers Crossing his dad lives there and will tell you he doesn’t! His dad is just as bad because he has not pulled this sh*t head into line. What kind of person trolls the internet daily just to rip you off. The %#@$! of the %#@$! that’s who!

Con artist from hoppers crossing Victoria scams people through gumtree he lives at 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers Crossing drives a blue Subaru wrx AKX 776 he must be taught a lesson

Same as the rest of you, reply to a wanted add on Gumtree. Got me for Contacted his and my banks Contacted A Current Affair Would love to see them chasing him down the street

Gumtree frauster daniel Falzon lives 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria scams innocent hardworking Australians through gumtree drives a 2012 blue Subaru sedan AKX 776

whose coming to 3 voltaire court with me this weekend? ive already got a gorup going.

Same story as others, I Put an add on Gumtree wanted to buy ford fenders, He responded, even sending a photo, He didn't seem genuine, so I checked this site, and found him. He called me back , not a nice person , needs fixing.

Scammed me of $150 via gumtree. How cna this still be going on after all this time ??

Scammer !! The worst he texts you after stalking through gum tree ads. Had deleted my number and tried to smell me another product .... after he had already scammed me Hate my with all my guts

2019, and hes still going ? is there not a SINGLE #%@$! thing the LAW can do to catch this thief ? Ive reported him to the Police, the banks, ACORN, There is NOTHING any of them can do, maybe he has found a loophole to the system. Noone can catch him even with his REAL ID out there. Justice system has failed big time here. By the time you try to reverse your bank transfer, he would of with-drawled in cash and started up another account with another small credit union. So forget about getting your money back from his Bank.

I advertised for a motorcycle screen on Gumtree and very shortly after was contacted by Daniel, saying he had what I required and could have it for $100 including postage. I must admit I was a little wary and after a few more texts decided that enough alarm bells had gone off that I'd better do a check. Excellent work people, you saved me losing my $100. I must ask why this has gone on so long though? Is there not enough evidence. The account number and bsb he asked me to transfer the mony into are: CUA, BSB 814282, Acc # 50907915

just tried to scam me on gumtree. 22/01/2019. i caught him out pretty quick. piece of $&@?. someone come to his house with me

Sent me a text asking if i'd be happy to pay for postage for an item i was after, I replied asking where he was, his response was Sydney. Then sent him a screenshot of this forum and he replied that he couldn't help if people wer trolling him.. Needless to say I then blocked his number

Has anyone got a picture of this maggot so i know im putting the right person in hospital

Scamer got me for 110, needs to be fixed up and stopped

Gumtree Scam do not deal with, contact your local police they have a file on him already

This animal that goes by the name Daniel Falzon got me just before Christmas on the 12/12/18 he got me through gumtree I deposited $120 into his bank of Queensland account. Something needs to be done about this piece of sh@t his address is 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria he drives a 2012 blue Subaru sedan AKX 776

He found me on Gumtree, i was advertising for a HQ Dash pad, he said he had 1 for $340.00 so i sent him the money. BSB :126560, Account: 22851450, in the name Daniel Falzon... Bank of Queensland..... on the 11 December, Money never reached him so he keeps telling me, but the bank said it did after 48 hours otherwise the money would of bounced back to me but never did. Ive give him some time to come good on the deal next step is to get the bank to track the money on the transaction to see were it ended up and do something about it. Everyone else should do the samething , cost u $22.00 extra but in the long run it might work out for the best to stop this , treat him as an Terrorist as he most likely getting funds to do something stupid. Thanks peoples.

Daniel Raymond Falzon, dob 15 Jan 1995 believed to be living at 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria gutless coward, too scared to even answer a phone call. You can be assured people are looking for him as we speak.

i cant believe this guy is still at it.

I got done by this %$#!@ for $120 before Christmass. He has bank of Queensland account bsb 126560 acc 228551450 that is used to scam people Daniel Falzon from 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria he ruined my Christmas. Someone should go over and ruin his life

He is still at it, have been pretty lucky with gumtree but it has all changed now thanks to Daniel Falzon, He tried to say his real name was Mario, has a bank west account for scams, has just sent me a return receipt from bank of Australia bsb 313140 acc 12173188 still using 0431864518.

This has been going on for too long now and nothing has been done about this fraudster.

scammed me on 22 December 2018. Just before Christmas i posted a wanted ad and he sent me a pic of the item. i paid and found that he had downloaded the image from the net. He said he was in Darwin but that is not true he is from 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria

He is a con artist, put up an ad for some Nintendo Switch games and wanted me to pay $100

He told me he had Nintendo Switch Games for Sale

I will pay 200 to your nominated charity when Gumtree scammer DANIEL FALZON is brought to justice He trolls wanted ads then downloads an image from the internet

Daniel Falzon is scam artist and fraudser he trolls gumtree looking for people that advertise WTB things likes phones cameras car parts game consoles etc etc This pr@ck makes contact with innocent people saying he has the product which he clearly does not HE THEN SCAMS THEM

scammed my daughter out of $270....stay away from him....Daniel Falzon....gumtree troll

Bloody con artist scams people just before Christmass his name is Daniel Falzon of 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria

This lowlife animal scammed me just before Christmas on gumtree his name is Daniel Falzon from 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria how can you scam honest innocent hardworking Australians just before Christmas ???? Someone needs to visit him and teach him a lesson he drives a 2012 blue Subaru WRX sedan AKX 776

This grub scammed us on the 6th December for $120. He has account with bank of Queensland account bsb 126560 acc 228551450 His name is Daniel Falzon hoppers crossing Victoria

If this mongrel Daniel Falzon does not pay you back your money then go to 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers crossing Victoria and demand your money back. If the family say he is not there then it means they are protecting him Smash up his car blue Subaru AKX 776

This grub is still at it. His name is Daniel Falzon he scammed me $300 last month through gumtree I deposited $300 into his bank of Queensland bank account I am constantly putting pressure on the banks to refund he is from Melbourne 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria

Wanted me to send money via bank transfer . When I busted him by checking online he blocked me. Total scammer his Daniel Falzon he uses 0431864518 gumtree buyers beware

Thank goodness for this website I nearly got done by a guy called Daniel Falzon through gumtree last week there are still pr!cks out there that would rather rip people off and scam them than get a real job looks like this guy is from Melbourne 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria drives a blue suburb sedan AKX 776

Total @$%#!bag Daniel Falzon from hoppers crossing Melbourne makes contact with me through gunteee on 06/11 after I put up a wanted to buy advertisement on a rare Holden Torana part he sounded to good to be true but I thought I would take a chance so I deposited $320 into his bank of Australia account 12173188 found out he was a scam Stay away from this @$%#!bag people say he lives at 3 Voltaire crt hoppers crossing Victoria and drives a blue Subaru sedan AKX 766

I got done too by this guy he got me for $500 on the 30 October when I deposited $500 into his Bankwest account bsb 303258 acc 0085403 this guy is a serial gumtree scammer contacts you through gumtree saying he has the product which is a scam he comes from Melbourne 3 Voltaire crt hoppers crossing Victoria

He does live at this address, for all that have solid evidence of fraud, call the police station closest to his address, the more people the better, force them to take it seriously, then log a case with the sheriff VIC, and they will seize his property to the value of the claim. plus costs. good luck all, he needs to be stopped.

I too just got done by this f@ckwit his name is Daniel Falzon he scammed me of $300 a few days ago my wife deposited $300 into his bank of Queensland account bsb 126560 acc 228551450 we will never see our money again

same as above, delt with others all good. not this prick, at least only $100 =\ bank of qld 126-560 22851450

Gumtree scammer Daniel Falzon scam me a few weeks ago for $180 he asked me to deposit into a bank west account someone must stop this @%!#$bag someone must teach him a lesson and burn his car and house down he drives blue Subaru sedan AKX776 he live 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria

Trying to sell me something he doesn't have and has a go at me for wasting his time when I wasn't interested

This sh$thead scammed me $225 last month thought I was buying a camera from gumtree found out he was a scammer. Contacted my bank to get back money. Still have not got money back Bankwest account BSB 303258 ACC 0085403 DANIEL FALZON 3 VOLTAIRE CRT HOPPERS CROSSING VICTORIA Drives blue Subaru sedan AKX 776

I'm quite the cautious type, after him asking whether or not I accepted postage, I looked up his number to be sure, and here I am.

Got me for $300, total @#%!$bag

This guy sms me on gumtree after i posted a WTB add, i knew something was fishy as he didnt have a paypal account. and wanted Direct Deposit. I investigated further, but only after i had already sent him money. This a**hole needs his ass kicked. Hes still out there, if he doesnt return your money. Call the POLICE, give them this website and hopefully they will nab him for fraud.

Gumtree scammer scams innocent people on gumtree someone should stop this guy makes you deposit money into different bank accounts Daniel Falzon from Hoppers Crossing Victoria buyers beware

Same story as everyone else, got me on gumtree. Absolute P.O.S. and a drug addict hopefully the police or somebody else catches up with this waste of space real soon

Yes, tried to scam me with some lights, asked for his license, he wouldn't send it. No pick up and no paypal. be aware

The dog just tried to scam us two sound too good to be true so google his number and found this

!$#@%bag from Victoria scams innocent people on gumtree name Daniel Falzon 0431864518. He got me a few days ago asked me to deposit funds into ING account. Can not recuperate money. 100% scam artist lives at 3 Voltaire st Hoppers Crossing Vic

This loser scammed me as well I am a single parent he won’t refund my money I am angry and sad as I saved hard Daniel Falzon keeps on saying he sent the product which obvious is not true someone must stop this serial scam artist Daniel Falzon many victims say he lives at 3 Voltaire crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria and drives a blue Subaru sedan

Got me for $150. Thought there was a chance it was a scam, fugured id take the risk. Are the address and car details correct, ive got family in hoppers who im visiting in a few months and id like to do everyone a favor.

Tried to scam me today was wanting to buy off gumtree said he was in Darwin as it turned out our son lives there so we said he could come around story went had to go away to work was going to Vic. Sometimes it pays to have people around the country.

This Grub is still at it. Contacted me about a wanted add I posted. I actually sent him $500 but after checking on here made contacted and was able to get my money back. He was in for a rough time if I didnt. His current number is 0431 864 518

D.F tried to scam me yesterday, same as all the others I have read from his trawling on Gumtree wanted adds. He has another bank account as well Bankwest BSB 303-258 account 0085403 - thank god for this site - Found it before I transferred the funds

This grub is still in action. Nearly got me for $500. Do not respond to him.

Posted an ad on gumtree wanting a very rare car panel. He sends me a photo of a panel from a gumtree listing which I had seen previously and knew had sold Offered an exuberant amount for the panel and asked for photos of the inside of the panel, was told his phone camera was broken, that he would take a 500 dollar deposit he will send the item and I could pay the rest when I receive the item. Scam.

Responded to wanted add for second hand parts, sent photo of brand new item, very pushy, that's what had me look here. Wouldn't accept PayPal.

If you have been scammed by Daniel Falzon, please contact. Convictdanielfalzon@gmail.***

Serial Scammer #@%$! Scammed last month for $250 mobile 0431 864 518 Address 3 Voltaire Way Hoppers Crossing ... Karma will get you ... hopefully before you have a visit !!! Banking details ING BSB 923100 ACC 63655738 .... BEWARE !!!!!!

I got done to Daniel Falzon scammed me also I should have googled his number before I gave him money serial scam artist from gumtree he block me when I contact him beware of this guy

The gumtree scam man Daniel Falzon lives at 3 Voltaire Crt Hoppers Crossing Victoria. Went there last week to get refund family protect him he drive 2013 blue Subaru sedan car AKX 776. Do not do business with the man as he scammer

Gday guys been scammed by a dirty scammer he is going by the name of Daniel Falzon of Melbourne he's trawling through gumtree wanted adds and looking for what you want and asking to deposit money into a ING bank account and guess what ya never see you item so a warning to all so remember the name of Daniel Falzon of Melbourne

Yep definite scammer, sent me a txt replying to an item I wanted. I found the photo of the supposed item on google images. He got abusive when I asked for a video and then suggested my friend could come and pick up

Asked me if i'd be open for postage for an item i was looking for. apparently he lives in hoppers crossing victoria.

Gumtree scammer

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