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Called up and I answered, was a really loud background. As soon as I said I wasn’t interested, the guy on the phone seemed urgent and said ‘no, no, wait, I’m not a telemarketer,” and I decided to see what was up, because it might’ve been a manager or something because I’ve been applying at a new job, but there was no introduction at the start, only ‘hello, how are you?’ anyways, he explained he wanted to me enter a competition to win $5000 by entering a draw. I asked the catch, he said nothing and I just needed to give my full name and phone number because mine was randomly calculated by a com!$@%#r. I repeated that I wasn’t interested, and he got mean and started saying ‘it’s $5000 and you’re not interested?!” And i said ‘no, i’m sorry, but” and he just hung up on me.

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