01473851805 / 01473 851805 / +441473851805 / +44 1473 851805 117

Keywords: Manchester, Carphone, Pakistan, PhonesLTD, Warehouse
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This number is used by foreign call centre fraudsters to gain personal and banking details by pretending to work for UK mobile companies. They claim to offer cheap mobile deals to get your details and then order loads of phone contracts in your name. They then call you when all of the phones have been delivered and pretend they made a mistake and you should send the phones back to an address in Manchester. They wait at the addresses and steal the phones leaving you with 24 month contracts. They've pretended to be esta@$!#%ished mobile phone companies like Carphone Warehouse, PhonesLTD.**.** and O2 It's actually a UK gang of fraudsters based in Manchester paying call centres in India and Pakistan to make the cold calls, the operators don't actually know they are a part of the scam.

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