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11-07-2018 10.30 a.m. The phone rang during Popmaster on Radio 2. Annoyed I went to answer it. I now listen before I speak, The other end had some Music on and then a male voice said "Hello" in a workman accent. I thought to hang up. It's getting too often now, so I just do the listen and let them do the talking. We have an answering machine as well as the 1571 system. So, ignore this number until they answer properly and in a correct manner. They should start with the name of the company and their name (not that it means anything as its proba$%@!#y Dave) then the sales. Ask them "Is this a sales call" if they circumvent the issue then say "Sorry, not today". We were pestered by a dou$%@!#e glazing firm and I think it's them at it again. Safestyle UK, yes the ones with the naffish adverts on TV and Radio. I fully expect another call at 13:00 as this is the most popular annoying time during the news. 1471 caller id is good as long as the glasses are on. lol.

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