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Keywords: Du$!@#%in, Gregon, Looked, Padraig, Randomly
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Dont know how he found my number? His name came up as Padraig W Gregon for me. Looked him up on facebook and saw there was a profile from Du$%@!#in with that name but no photos or info about him on it. Hes just some creep so $%@!#ock him.

creepy guy trying to flirt

very insane guy!!

Just got a message from this number with digits.**ry creepy.**t on a dating site so puzzled as to how they have my number

Same as below creepy keeps messaging me I’m on dating site so maybe from there somehow!!!

Randomly contacting on whatsapp and trying to start conversation

constantly texts me on whatsapp, sends me roses & kisses & tries to videocall me in the middle of the night & early mornings, this is getting creepy, clearly I am not interested. Tried asking once where he got my number but kept receiving the same kiss and roses emojis and asking if I‘m single, calls himself padraig w regan.

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