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Received a pink note on my mail, asked to call to activate my service on my car , I called and told them that everything was supposed to be done when I purchased the car, the kid started interrupting me when I was talking, saying, "what are you talking about? Hold on, you are just talking, and talking, let me say something you could not activate this service, because you need it to wait for the notification . I did not like the way an tone he was using, and asked to speak with a supervisor, he said iam the supervisor, I donot believe you. He got even worse, and he said, i do not care. And stated, :as a matter fact, I donot want to help you anymore." I told him this is not a way to talk and treat customers. He say" I donot care if you think Iam Rude, anymore.... and hang up... RUDE °°!!!!

They started cursing at me and telling me that I'm an @!%$#. so what did I do? I became an @!%$#. It was quite fun!

SCAM SCAM SCAM. They got really rude when I told them I was NOT going with their scam. RUDE RUDE RUDE

Scam. Company named Insurance Auto that is not on the net. They claim to work with your dealership and your Vehicle Service Contract is not activated, as yet. But they want to sell extended warranty from a distrust party. Don't even bother in contact them. They are very rude.

Be warned! This is a scam. They sent us what looked like an official card about our new car. They claimed to be from our dealership, so I asked them to provide me with my car's VIN #. They could not - so they lied about being at dealership. Do not trust this company!

Scam please do not give this people any information.

Scam! They claim to work for an “Activation Department” at whichever car dealership you purchased your car. They refuse to give a company name. They also proved themselves to be fraud when the same person answered my calls and claimed to be a manager.

I did not know who I was talking to. They claimed that they were Toyota Finance to learn of my auto's status. They claimed that my Vehicle Service Contract was not activated, as yet. And, that I only had until 10/18/19 to do so. If not, I would be neglecting to activate my coverage and that I would be at risk of being financially liable for any and all future repairs. How dumb of me for talking to these people. Does this mean, they're going to further pursue me?


This is a SCAM... Do not give any of your information to these people.. They are not extended service contracts associated. Jeff is the one that will try be a smooth talker total %#@$! he sound like a freaking FAG..

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