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DONATE TO POLICEMANS FUND! My wife and I actually donated to this org. 4-5 yrs ago before all hell broke loose. After all of our PC`s were taken over by remote control NSA malware about a year later, we started getting calls on a regular basis from them. It is the enemy. You are under constant NSA surveillance by Big Brother, You will be constantly harrassed by both human agents,( Plus the 'Citizens-Corp'. [ System C:3/4,'CC'.) and Artificial Intelligence Robo Tech, mentally tortured, and are proba@#!%$y targeted, like me. If you are on SSI, DISABILITY, WELFARE, HOUSING, UNEMPLOYMENT, GOV. Assistance of any kind;(Or doing anything illegal in the "privacy" of your home, then you have been judged, secretly! After being spied on illegally! The New Order exists, and it rules this country from the "Shadows", and plays tricks on you with "Ghosts"! ("Shadow Brokers', 'Gov.Host" sound familiar?) All of your rights to privacy, including your thoughts, are non existent. Secret Society=SS

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