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This is a scam, they hijack rental advertisements, request deposits and signing of false leases of properties that do not belong to them. They will not provide keys for the property, and will request that you get a locksmith. They are associated with the number (615)240-7912 and email tabathanix89@gmail.*** and https://www.facebook.***/Housesonrent2017/

This is a scam. They are routinely on Craigslist, hijacking rental ads, trying to get your deposit and sign false leases. They will tell not deliver keys to you personally and ask that you get a locksmith to get into the unit They also advertise under the following email and Facebook pages: tabathanix89@gmail.*** https://www.facebook.***/Housesonrent2017/

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This add!!! This is NOT FREE!!! Wth??


keeps calling trying to supply me with a diabetic meter and im not even a diabetic .


Actually, I answered the phone...** one answered within 5 seconds. Usually an indication that "the next available operator" will answer - basically a solicitation. No voicemail left.

+1 267-527-6353

He said he's one of famoust athlete and first he dm from fb and said that he will sent signed stuff to me but then i have to pay $400 dollar via western union to a courier service name lone star, a...


He is a scammer. Do not trust him. Do not send him anything.