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On my end goes by the name of Jonathan Meyers from Santa Monica. Julia Kim, Ismailia, Peter, Peyton just to name a few of his accomplices... will butter you up with his sob story & in for the kill! He got me. The stories from leaving Santa Monica on a great job in Turkey, leaving his 2 daughters with his mother who mind you is in her 80's, doesn't live with him full time. Traveled then within weeks was in a dire situation. From getting hit by a car, not able to pay for his materials, his mother passing (strange as she'd be in the frozen morgue for 2 years now) not able to pull any of his funds from his set up false bank in Santa Monica, be aware they purchased a website which is no longer, jailed for overstaying in Turkey, framed for drugs from his interpetor and the lawyer there in turkey. Very smooth! But PLEASE search his telephone number and don't fall into the trap!!!! He has absolutely no shame. To bad for his lying and deceitful heart cause karma will come! Met him on Bumble!

Scammer. “Kristopher Peyton” from Germany—raised in UK. Widower working on contract job in Turkey—customs issues (and fines). Hasn’t been paid for his work there and now he needs $$$ to pay fines and get back to the states. I was slow-played for 6 weeks before this story emerged. A quick phone search revealed he’s worked this exact same story before. !$%#@. He seemed so normal and good.

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