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Ya replies to Heinz57 26 Feb 2017 | 1 reply Just got a call from these guys. Their tactics are all the same with other scammers. Got so many calls lately from these companies that I can tell them apart right away now. I always tell them I'll check them out on the Internet(I suggest Google them but do more then just read the first page because often they have fake website). Just decline them professionally but when they get nasty with u then get nasty with them.(its fun when u can say whatever u want to a person. I kinda enjoy it.) So becareful, and never hand any info over the phone and most importantly never send these people any payment. And tell the truth. I always say " I feel uncomfortable giving any info or payment over the phone and I feel like this is a scam" if they are legit company they will be understanding but if they are a scam company they will get mad. So becaeful people! Reply!