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Keep getting calls from this number. 866-440-2189 The first time the caller's name was Mrinal Srinivasan The second time the caller's name was Kevin Benedict. Odd thing is the caller ID reflected their names. (I didn't know the same phone number could do that) Both gentleman for lack of better words called my office and stated they were working for First Advantage on behalf of FedEx and wanted to background check for a person that has never worked for us. When I told them I could not verify employment for that person because they do not work for us, they started asking me a bunch of questions and even argued with me. They also asked me for the person's phone number. They then asked me for my name and title. They keep calling back probably hoping to get a different person. I keep telling them that I googled their number and I am aware they are a scam.

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Tried again. Called before about 18 months ago. I did not return the call of course and you shouldn’t either.


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This number calls every day - once at about 9 a.m. and again about 6:30 p.m. I never answer (it's a California number and I don't know anyone there!!). They left a message once, telling me to phone...