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They called me from private number told me they need to serve me papers..I said for what..they gave me 888-740-8728 to check...so I called it the guy who answered sounded like the same guy who called me from private number..i asked him what court do you want to serve me from..he called a local court so I asked for the case number he gave it to me ..he said I had old bank fees which is now doubled from 2006..i told him no such thing I will get a lawyer and go to the court to find out whats going on...he began to talk over me nonstop ..so I told him I'll see you in court..this is a scam ...I called the court system they told me there's no such case number and they would never call someone to serve them..they told me its scam and I should block the numbers.

VERY aggressive, called many times wouldn't stop calling. From a private number. First time earlier this week they said they were with PCS. No such group. This time they said "legal services dept" Again, very aggressive said they were coming to get me. I told them I was on to their scam. They called today the same number of times, it must be in their skit. Anyway, they also called my DAUGHTER IN LAW today and gave this number to call and a reference number. How would they know her number? It's only on my phone and I've never given her number out. My son owes money, he thought because he's in jail maybe they were trying to serve him through me? I don't think so because it's this number which I saw re ported several other places as being a scam.

Legal Prime: Billing themselves as a Legal Department, these guys have a "process server" call you first, and then try to scan you out of your money when you call in to investigate. Don't fall for it. What they're doing is extremely illegal.

Legal Prime? Calling about some court case thats not even in the clerk of court system

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