0319411472 / 031 941 1472 / +27319411472 / +27 31 941 1472 84

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I want to know who this is they called me ones then my phone went off ,they did not call back

i want to know which company is this: someone called me they said i won some vouchers and they wanted my address and my ID number, and i feel that this is a scam.


Hi I got missed calls from this number and when I try to call them back the number does not exist

082 383 2104

Dr James (dentist) offices in Centurion

039 315 0817

Hi i got from company my number are 0725968551 any questions or job related i am free to help

087 742 9130

Hi.. I received multiple calls from this number or even more but my Truecaller kept on blocking it. Is it a telemarketer or a debt collector?

087 890 0055

Called and offered a card to shop at certain places for half the price. Taking funds out my account but no card recieved