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One Lorenzo called me last week Thursday from a 012 111 2003 number with the same rubbish about a R5,000 share scheme. The more I tried to tell him that I am not interested - the louder he started talking. We was downright rude. I eventually put some music on and put the phone next to my laptop speaker. This morning I received a call from a 087 654 1002 number. When I heard the background noise, I knew it was the same crowd. I politely asked the guy at the other end to take my name off their list. He would not listen. So the same silent phone treatment. He phoned 5 times. The last time I asked to talk to his manager - calls stopped.

Received a call from a man speaking Afrikaans this morning. Didn't catch his name. Said he's calling from Capital One. From a very noisy room. I answered him repeatedly in English asking him what Capital One is. No response other than him asking me if I understand Afrikaans until he eventually hung up. Have blocked the number.

Telemarking their stock market product. Not willing to confirm any of their business or product details via e-mail. Rude and persistent to force an appointment. The unprofessional manner suggests that doing business with them is going to be painful

A guy from capital max phoned yesterday looking for my husband his name was Andre Vosloo I asked why he looking for my husband and he said his not sure his boss Allan asked him to phone as him and my husband had some business that they discussed told this man that my husband never metioned it and that he should leave his number left a cell no when I wanted to return the call to see if this was a legit company none of the numbers exsist,so watch out for this people,,,,dangerous,nev er give thema any information about any onem

The caller is very rude if questioned about the PoPI Act as well s their agenda. Insulting and vulgar language is used.

Andre from Capital Max offering R5000 etc in shares scheme. Does not know the law when quoted to him. Then gets !%#$@y, quoting fictitious numbers as laws. Asked him if he thinks it's funny and what he think's he's up to? Shouts at me "gaan vlieg" and threw down phone.

A guy called Chris called. 3 times. Very noisy room. Asked if I spoke Afrikaans. Didn't listen to a word I said. Hung up on him. Definitely a scam. Blocked number.


Many complaints about this number - supposidly from Capital Max and want you to invest R5000.. Really a scam!!! Don't let them go to your house!!!!!!!!!!

I think these guys are a ponzi scheme

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